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Deep within one of His halls, Zhil adjourned His Day of Appeals; there was enough for one day, and while much had gotten done much remained to do. One thing in particular weighed on His mind as He spruced up, having His scales offer a particular shine before stepping across the worlds to where He might seek His fiancèe Naoko, but He tried to shake it off; this was a happy day, and it would remain that way if He had to physically cram joy and acceptance down people's throats!

Still, no reason to think that way at the moment. But as popping in on one's woman unannounced was just so gauche, He ended up right outside the nearest building instead. What better way to keep her privacy inviolate?

Knocking at the nearest door, He tried to look as unassuming as a six-foot golden Dragon-God might, which was rather more than one might expect. No ceremony here, just good old saurian style!

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Naoko twirled in the mirror, checking her reflection. Her sister nodded in approval, though she pursed her lips at her sister's worried face.

You'll do fine.

"You don't think the leggings are frivolous?" Naoko frowned at the printed leggings.

You look just fine, Onee-sama. Sukina was grinning. She had never seen her sister this flustered before.

Kishan heard the knock at the door while Naoko and Sukina were getting ready. He simply nodded at the Dragon God and called over his shoulder, "Naoko!"

Inside, Naoko panicked till her sister grabbed her hands and forced her to look into her blue eyes. There was mirth in them, but also genuine warmth and kindness.

Breathe, Onee-sama. It'll be alright.

Naoko steadied herself, and took a deep breath. A few seconds later, and she was her old self again. I hope this outfit's fine... she thought.

Then she stepped out of the room with Sukina following her to meet her fiance, looking like:

elouai's doll maker 3

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Zhil's pleased, He's cool, He's good to go! ...And He's just a bit too obviously Not Grinning at His lady.

Instead, He'll just go ahead and kiss her on the cheek, nodding with a merry eye to Sukina. "Interesting choice, love. You might even cause a stir as we go!" Of course, manufactured fabrics are all one really needs to do for that, when you get right down to it..

Ducking His head a little, He nods with ostentatious gravity to Sukina. "I accept this jewel you charge Me with, and shall return with it safe and sound. Until that time, she shall be Mine to guard and ward." And then He winks at Naoko, grinning. "Assuming, of course, the jewel in question agrees?"

Sure, He's ready to go. But where's the harm in a little silliness first?

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See that you do!

Naoko said nothing, merely blushing at his compliment. She was far more nervous than she really ought to be, but this was a first, even for her, and so she was quiet.

At his question, she looked up, gave a shy smile and put a hand on his. Her voice was soft and demure as she answered it.


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...Okay, at that He'll just stick His tongue out at Su. Honestly, did she REALLY think He was about to let things happen to His fiancèe?

But at the touch of her hand, Zhil paused. He dropped the silliness, simply gazing at Naoko for a few timeless moments...

Dear IO, she's beautiful like that. I just want to hold her close, and create a little world for the two of us alone where nothing bad can ever touch her ever again when she's like this... Ye fishes, I'm a sucker for this girl.

And gradually, a slow smile spread across His scaly lips.

Now normally when His darling's feeling all disproportionately bashful, Zhil's response is to kiss her into toe-curling oblivion! (He considers this an excellent way to distract her from overly worrying about a situation, and feels that results to date have bore this out.) But this time, He'll just enjoy her as she is, unaltered by any action of His.

And so the two of them fade out of view, appearing on a spire-girdling stair in a land vastly, VASTLY unlike the place they left.


The air was fresh in the lungs, bracingly cold and breathtakingly clear; the landscape seemed to go on forever. Below them, a pleasant patchwork of farms and woodlots, roads winding around hills and little villages by the riverside for all to enjoy, the absolute perfect countryside. Above, in place of blue sky was a lush green growing downward, the tangled and untamed glory of Forest Primeval, the wild thing's paradise in leaf and tree. Slender mountains connecting the two could be seen rearing out of the ground in places far distanced...

And between, the air was alive with wonders.

Feathered serpent curled around floating fish, gauzy-winged hollyphants darted from layer to layer in all their golden-furred glory, and enormous dragons of jet-black hue soared in solemn majesty. There was no sun to be seen, but sourceless daylight seemed to shine on both sides with an even hand, and an almost palpable sense of busy merriment seemed to permeate every stone and cell to be found in this place.

Slipping a hastily-conjured cloak around Naoko's shoulders to protect from the steady breeze, Zhil smiled and looked around. "Every time I come here, I wonder why I don't come more often..." He murmured to Himself, before forcibly dragging His mind back on task. "Shall we start the climb, beloved? We don't want to be late."
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The touch of the cloak brought Naoko's mind back to the appointment they had. Ye Goddess, but this place was simply beautiful. It was so calming and gentle here, so not unlike the place she grew up.

A hand on the arms that had wrapped the cloak around her, she smiled brilliantly, forgetting her worries. This was a wonderful place, and it invigorated the spirit just to be here.

As they turned to climb, she looked down at her wrist. The two dark blue threads that bound her to her siblings were almost as thick as a thin rope, reminding her of who she was.

I'll take what I can, when I can, Karma be damned, the thought cheered her somewhat. The Goddess of Fate often found herself exasperated by the siblings.

With the smile on her lips and her hand in her lover's, they began the climb. Zhilbar wouldn't have to worry about her; she kept pace with him easily. Though she wondered at the form he'd taken.

Date: 2009-04-23 10:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zhilbar.livejournal.com
He'd set a steady pace, neither lazy nor punishing; in this plane especially, lollygagging just seemed fundamentally wrong. Still, with an anticipatory smile on His face, He hiked upward with Naoko; flying would be both easy and delightful, but staying in this form should help reinforce the message of solidarity He wished to convey. (Besides, this way He might be able to slip past the adamantines without having to chit-chat; delightful fellows, but rather too impressed with themselves.)

After a decent trek upward, they reached a little plateau near the thinnest section of their stair. Motioning a halt, He turned to her with a wry smile and no attention paid to the slowly increasing throng of creatures floating about their space.

"This is the annoying part, I'm afraid. Up that next bit is the part where gravity will reverse its hold, and critters just love to pounce at that point; disorientation makes for easy prey, I suppose. I'm trying to keep something of a low profile at the moment, so I'll cover your ascent and then you cover Mine? I daresay we can keep these bounders off one another's backs." He certainly had no compunctions trusting His back to His love; if a beastie made a move, she'd ensure it regretted such a foolish maneouvre.

Date: 2009-07-22 03:59 pm (UTC)
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Naoko looked up, assessing their journey. With a mischievous smile, she turned to him.

"Why don't we both go up at the same time, love? I dare say it shouldn't be too hard," she glanced towards the little things, "And we could always use the little ones as stepping stones should they wish to make mischief."

Date: 2009-07-24 03:16 am (UTC)
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Looking up at the little buggers Himself, a slow grin spread across His face. "Pinball crossing. Only you, pretty lady..."

Offering His hand, He crouched with wings unfurling, measuring the distance... "Extra points for My adamant cousin to the left?" Point of fact: The adamantine dragon in question probably won't like this!

(And since they're all stuffy better-than-thou punks to every other type of dragon out there, Zhilbar doesn't mind in the slightest.)

Date: 2009-09-13 11:58 pm (UTC)
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Naoko grinned and took his hand.

"Loser eats red bean for a week," with that, they were off!

Date: 2009-09-20 03:34 am (UTC)
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"Red bean? Oh, how bitterly cruel a fate you offer..." Note: Red bean? Just fine in his book!

And off they go, boingy-boingy-boingying all the way. Of course, despite Zhil's brave words, He didn't go near His dark-hued cousin; this is still supposed to be an incognito visit.

At the end, He'd land lightly and look out for His lady, laughing and calling "I got seven, love. And yourself?"

Date: 2009-09-21 01:39 pm (UTC)
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Naoko laughed as they jumped. She landed neatly next to him, with just her hair a little mussed from the wind. Even so, all it took was a quick hand through her hair and she looked presentable again.

"Nine, though I'm not sure if the one that tried to bound off you and then me counts," she grinned, reaching out for his hand.

Date: 2009-09-27 11:27 pm (UTC)
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"Probably not... but either way, I am sentenced to red bean oblivion!" Oh, WOE is the great dragonperson.

Especially when a tiny, golden-furred elephant with butterfly wings dive-bombs Naoko, going in for the MAD snuggles. "HEY! Get your own fiancèe!"

The hollyphant in question, naturally, proceeded to razz Zhil with its trunk before zooming back off into the sky giggling. "Okay, now that's a good reason not to bring a date here..." He sighed, taking Naoko's hand just a tad possessively and indicated the way that was now 'down.' An entire plane of existence that probably wanted to make time with His lady, humph! (Admittedly, He could see where it was coming from, but still!)

Date: 2009-10-04 01:53 pm (UTC)
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Naoko laughed and squeezed her fiance's arm. With a smile, she gently tugged him away from the silly little elephant butterfly. It was cute, but it was just a tad too absurd.

"How much further, dearest one?"

Date: 2009-10-06 12:43 am (UTC)
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There may have been some grumblemutterings about the the two-foot betrunked bugger, but He's certainly willing to put it behind them. Onwards! "The meeting is about an hour and a half from now, but I wouldn't mind picking up the pace a little; the route we're on is going to include sneaking past the entrance to an underground city."

As you do, now and then.

"Besides, I wouldn't put it past the folks to arrive early and just give Me one of those knowing looks, just to get the moral upper hand." Tch, parents; always wanting to make sure You don't let divinity go to Your head!

He'd mind it more if it wasn't a sign of them caring.

Date: 2009-10-29 01:29 am (UTC)
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The mischievous smile spread further across her face, if it were possible. All thoughts of her outfit being ruined were forgotten in the thrill of danger.

"Where's the entrance?"

Date: 2009-12-24 04:38 am (UTC)
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...Oh, crud. He recognizes that look.

"About a mile to our left, along the path... But we'll cut through the foliage at the appropriate time, shouldn't be too big a deal." C'mon, Naoko-love, we can do Dramatic Hardcore Sneakytiems on the way back...

Still, He'll offer a smile and an arm around her waist. "Nothing like a romantic stroll in the woods, right?"



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