Apr. 26th, 2007

zhilbar: (Hatchling)
Warily entering the Nexus just long enough for Naoko to lead him over to the dimensional locator, he dropped in a scale and got the coordinates. The girl wanted to be the one to input them, but he'd do it himself.. Can't let the vassals do everything, right?

..And in a few moments, they found themselves atop a broad, flat mesa looking out over a deep valley, one of the high Watching-Points of Exaurdon Isle. Zhilbar was home, all right!


..Where were all the dragons? They should have been at least a few in the sky at this hour; there was always something that needed to be done! Heck, there's the Clan cave right over.. there....

Oh, Io.

This wasn't home. That forest, patchy and growing out of smashed log flinders, debris and half-molten refuse all in front of the much-withered Clan cave, the nearly eradicated Watchpost nearby... Who would do this? Why were so many of the mountains crowned with lava? If it wasn't for the layout of the land, he would swear this was Bloodtide island.. WHAT HAVE THOSE REDS DONE!?!?

He wasn't aware of the murderous rumble coming from his throat as he swung about, trying to see the extent of the devastation. Likeiwse, he couldn't tell the constant telltale touches of Time's inexorable hand, the utter erosion of the Watchpost or how the mountains stood so much smaller and weathered, the beach surrounding them from the beating tides.. Oh, no. All he knew was that he HAD to find someone who was to blame.

Hopefully Naoko can understand that he's a touch preoccupied right now!



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